Inner Astronauts provides personal and professional coaching for ambitious humans with a deep desire to serve the world. The game as it has been played is no longer sustainable on our bodies, souls, and planet. It is time we re-design the game itself. I work with corporate executives and social entrepreneurs to design a physically and emotionally fulfilling work and life game. I provide six month one-on-one coaching for a select number of clients, science based leadership training programs for candidates, campaigns and causes, and a keynote talk about Pursuit & Presence. You can read about me here and ways to work with me here

Of all the coaches I’ve ever worked with, Bristol has been the most effective in supporting my dreams and helping me take action with ease and grace. She is truly gifted!
— Executive, DTI Global
Thanks to our working together I have some handles on things I did not before, and namely that is TRUST. I learned to let go of that old style of “taking control” and instead deeply and calmly feel my power in a way that just… IS. My world unfurls before me in a new way now.
— Executive Producer, OWN
Bristol is a gifted coach who brings her whole self and presence to the session, is generous with ideas, and is incredibly articulate and precise about her diagnoses of what’s not functioning at optimal level and suggested therapies. Although she’d be fantastic for just about anyone, she will be particularly effective for the biggest skeptics—particularly those who have previously outsmarted their therapists or are dubious of the entire process. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Dr. Nassim A. Physician & TED Fellow
A personal, professional, and spiritually redefining experience! An experience that imparted the importance of establishing balance within myself. I completely reshaped my approach to both work and play. I am now a more engaged and purpose driven leader.
— SVP, Fox Studios
I am making more money than ever since I started this program. I even have a ton of money in savings! The work we did around money was hugely transformational. I now charge almost 3x more than my old rates. It’s motivated me to start my own women’s empowerment meetings with my girlfriends.
— Kate, Actress & Entrepeneur
The truth is that before working with Bristol, I felt lost and out of control of my professional life. Through our work together, I created a series of spiritual and professional practices that allowed me to regain focus and clarify my purpose. These tools will travel with me for my entire life! My primary goals were to get clear on a vision for the next step in my career and transition to a new job. During our time together, I was able to accomplish both!
— Executive, GOOP
I am blown away by Bristol’s knowledge, skills, leadership, teaching method, and intuition. She has helped me launch a passion project and new business I spent years dreaming about. My real estate business has doubled, my relationships have become more connected, and I have new confidence, self-care practices, and mindfulness skills to keep me centered and moving in the direction of my dreams.
— Executive, Compass Real Estate
You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.
— Joseph Campbell