Inner Astronauts Resolutions for 2019


- Make being conscious, self-aware, and loving a requirement for biological reproduction aka stop perpetuating ridiculous gender stereotypes

- Love Myself and Everyone Else No Matter What

- Re-Design the Game of Life

- Heal our addiction to the mythical state of more (money, stuff, love, anything external we think will make us “happy”)

- Aim our innate drive for “more” toward a more spiritually fulfilling and environmentally sustainable planet 

- Worship Nature

- Experience Work as Play

- Slow Down

- Trust in the Unfolding of Life 

- Prioritize Wisdom over Comfort 

- Move (walk, hike, dance, surf, etc.)

- Sit Silently and Listen to Trees

- Act from Soul

- Express Self on the Regular (Write, Sing, etc.)

- Do Nothing Often

- Receive Lots and Lots of Pleasure

- Be Generous with Money, Body, Heart, and Spirit.