INNER ASTRONAUTS is teaming up with Revita5 to create a truly unique and revolutionary three month Leadership Coaching Program. Holistic Vitality Coach and human body whisperer, Jessica Corbin and I, invite you to become the kind of leader the world deeply needs. We need leaders who not only have an inspiring vision but embody emotional intelligence and know how to take care of their bodies; aligned in mind, body, and spirit. Leaders that know our old operating system of doing over being and measuring our self-worth by how productive we are is killing us and our planet. One of the biggest misunderstandings people have is that the harder they work the more successful they will be. Your body and mind, however, does not work this way.

We have a threshold of effort we can sustain, and anything beyond that creates burnout, anxiety, brain fog, plateaus, depression, and various other stress related diseases.

In an effort to come fully ALIVE and attain peak states of VITALITY and HEALTH, one needs to:

1. Explore Your Inner Space and learn a new mindset that inspires creativity, imagination, and play

2. Learn tools to explore and express emotion in healthy and enlivening

3. Track & Make Choices about how you spend your energy and how your body most effectively recovers

4. Discover and tap into what makes you come alive & use that as fuel

These four very simple steps will help you build a foundation for a new kind of vital leadership, radically shifting your relationships and business.

Not doing so is equivalent to living in a house of cards and that will be vulnerable to being blown down by the winds of circumstance.

Month One: Envision Radical Success

In the first three hour in person group launch session you will be guided in designing a thriving and strategic life and business plan. You will be asked to outline your current life situation and the areas you wish to grow. You will be guided to use your imagination to envision what radical success could look like in six months time if you were deeply supported at home and at work? Together, we will paint a clear map and vision of what you want and what beliefs, challenges, and behaviors stand between you and having this experience of success right now.

Month Two: Define & Live Your Leadership Code

In the second month we will begin to define your own authentic style of leadership through simple yet profound writing, meditation, and self-inquiry exercises. You will explore and choose what values and qualities you deeply believe in and how you are already living these values every day. Together we will uncover any inner limiting beliefs that keep you from embodying these leadership values fully at home and at work and begin the work to release them.

Month Three: Discover & Harness Your Gifts & Service

As you begin living your leadership code and showing up for your spiritual practice, we will begin unlocking and harnessing new strengths and gifts using guided meditation, self-inquiry, writing, and creativity.

We will work together to reframe your perception and use of time to create a decision criteria that helps you prioritize what you enjoy doing and are good at, and let go of old behaviors that have you distracted or needlessly “busy”.

Month Four: Stand in Flow + Confidence

As the new behaviors begin to take root, you will gain a greater understanding of how you relate to yourself, others, and the world around you. The more you take personal responsibility for your lived experience, the more empowered your life decisions become resulting in greater self-confidence, acceptance, and aliveness.

We will check into how your practice is going and begin documenting moments of flow. Where does energy seem to be moving easily and effortlessly? How can we focus more attention in those areas? What happens when we do?

Month Five: Being Seen & Heard as a Leader

We will iterate on your personal practice and pay attention to what is emerging in your field. What opportunities, people, experiences are arising? Are there authentic opportunities to step into greater leadership in your work and community? You will develop the skill of moving through fear in the direction of what you want regardless of immediate outcome. You will begin to cultivate a life-long skill of unconditional self-love and a learning relationship to life.

Month Six: Celebrate & Integrate

In the final month of coaching we will review what behaviors have shifted and celebrate all of your wins. We take careful steps to integrate all you have learned so these new behaviors stick. We will look at what is still in the process of unfolding and design a plan for the next six months for you to continue on your path of growth and playful service.

Program Requirements:

  • 3-month commitment of group in person and online sessions

  • Before & After Survey

  • Open Mind, Heart, and Willingness to Learn

  • Dedication and commitment to inner and outer action steps

  • Vulnerability, authenticity, respect, confidentiality, and passion for your life and business

Leadership Program Coach

Founder, Bristol Baughan


Bristol Baughan is Professional Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Executive Producer of Emmy-winning and Oscar-Nominated films. She founded Inner Astronauts to support people in shifting out of the relentless pursuit for "more" and into presence and authentic service. She works with leaders from Hollywood to Silicon Valley and around the world through rigorous 1:1 coaching and a playful, brave talk (she sings!), revealing surprising insights into how we aim this drive for "more" (money, power, love) in the direction of a new presence of being with ourselves, each other, and this planet. After a decade of starting companies and making award-winning films she spent ten years studying behavior

and consciousness around the world including a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology and hundreds of hours of one-on-one and group coaching. She has gone on pilgrimage with Tibetan Monks in Nepal, studied Tantra in Thailand, and traveling around the world learning from Sir Ken Robinson.

Bristol started her career in the film and media business making relevant stories entertaining through film at GOOD for HBO, Paramount, and Showtime (WHICH WAY HOME, BY THE PEOPLE: THE ELECTION OF BARACK OBAMA, RACING DREAMS, SON OF RAMBOW, THE OTHER SHORE: THE DIANA NYAD STORY). She is a TED Fellow and served as a delegate for the State Department Documentary Showcase in China. Bristol holds a B.A. in International Studies from the American University School of International Service and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. 

The INNER ASTRONAUTS Leadership Coaching Six Month Program

  • (3) Three Hour In Person Group Coaching Sessions in Mill Valley or San Francisco

  • (11) 90 Min. Group Video Coaching Calls every other week over the 6 months

  • (6) 1 Hr. Peer to Peer Coaching Calls 1x/mo. To practice coaching skills and receive support for inner and outer blocks

  • Private Facebook Group for Real Time Support, Tools, & Coaching

  • Transformational guided meditations, worksheets, workbooks, and resources.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman