Harnessing Hearbreak

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Harnessing Hearbreak


"Rather than be destroyed by loss and grief, let your heart break open to the truth of unconditional love and radical acceptance. If your heart is being broken, let it break wide open."

This book will guide you through 23 days of loving support and practical tools to help you heal your heart after a breakup.

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“A no-bullshit and cleverly written humanual that will support anyone who is seeking to come back to life after heartbreak! I recommend it highly.” 
- Jeff Brown, Author, Uncommon Bond

”Bristol shares practical and soulful guides for life’s hardest challenges. You’ll feel held, supported, guided and entertained every step of the way.” 
- Alyssa Nobriga, Professional Life Coach

”An imaginative, empowering and heartfelt guide for those in pain. Bristol’s personal story, coupled with these specific soul-centered practices, serve as the perfect companion.”  
- Jessica Corbin, Vitality Expert & Entrepreneur