Leadership Speaker & Coach, Founder

Sample Speaking Topics

  • From the Pursuit of Happiness to the Presence of Happiness

    A compelling, vulnerable, and entertaining keynote about the nature of human pursuit and how it can be aimed in the direction of creativity, imagination and purpose. From documenting Tibetan Monks in Nepal to questionable Tantric teachers in Thailand, TED conferences, and reconnecting to her West Virginia coal mining ancestors, Bristol takes her audience on an inner journey from achievement addiction to genuine fulfillment and aligned service. This talk will open you up to a new way of being, working, and playing in the world.

  • Singing Songs of Our Ancestors Workshop

    In collaboration with diverse musicians from around the world, Bristol facilitates an experience that allows people to connect to their own roots through the music and wisdom of their ancestors, whether they know them or not. This workshop is an unforgettable way to get to the essence of personal and collective identity and heal the ancient misunderstanding that we are ever separate from one another and nature.


  • Speaker & Facilitator, “Singing Songs of Our Ancestors,” TED Summit Edinburgh, Esalen Institute, & the Institute of Noetic Sciences

  • Speaker & Workshop Facilitator, "The Vulnerability Experiment", The Aspen Institute & TED Conferences

  • MC, TEDx Oxbridge, Said Business School, Oxford University

  • Speaker & Panel Moderator, "Overcoming Overwhelm", Motion Picture Television & Arts Foundation

  • Speaker, U.S. State Department Documentary Showcase, Beijing & Guangzhou China

  • Speaker, Pachamama Alliance, San Francisco

  • Speaker & Facilitator, “Emotional Intelligence”, Bezos Scholarship Program

  • Panelist, “Social Visionaries of Tomorrow”, TED Conference

  • Panelist, United Nations Global Insight Summit, Jackson Hole Film Festival

  • Panelist: Sundance Film Festival, "The Double Bottom Line: Can it Work?"

  • Speaker, Making Your Media Matter Conference, American University

  • Speaker, "Harnessing Your Authenticity in Business", General Assembly, Santa Monica, CA


I have spent 20 years immersed in what motivates human beings to engage with themselves and the world. I have examined the question, “What inspires people to live fully connected, curious, and purposeful lives?” After serving as a White House intern and graduating from the American University School of International Service, I headed west to pursue socially relevant storytelling. I spent over ten years in the film and media business making Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated films at GOOD for HBO, Paramount, and Showtime (WHICH WAY HOME, BY THE PEOPLE: THE ELECTION OF BARACK OBAMA, RACING DREAMS, SON OF RAMBOW, THE OTHER SHORE: THE DIANA NYAD STORY).

After a decade of social entrepreneurship and producing movies, I started questioning the game of “success” I was supposedly “winning.” I became a TED Fellow in India, went on pilgrimage with Tibetan monks in India and Nepal, and traveled around China as a delegate for the State Department Documentary Showcase. I then spent the next ten years studying behavior and consciousness around the world including a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, time spent with the Sapara and Achuar tribes in the Amazon Rainforest, and working for Education Reformer Sir Ken Robinson.

I founded the consultancy Inner Astronauts to invite people to shift from the relentless pursuit for "more" (achievement, money, love) and into aligned purpose and authentic contribution. I work with leaders from Hollywood to Silicon Valley and around the world through 1:1 coaching and a playful and evocative presentation (I sing!), revealing surprising insights into how we aim this drive for "more" in the direction of inspiration and connection with our colleagues, community, and planet.